Sheika Yubuti

Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Bombings

I can’t believe that after a weekend of non-stop frustration, I now find myself at a loss for words with my first post. I’ll have to leave it at this:

After the London bombings, I expected to hear and read the same rhetoric from Muslim organizations, denouncing the bombings with weak statements of condemnations and urging no rush to judgment. I must admit, the statements from several organizations were stronger than I anticipated, even nipping in the bud claims of legitimate grievances as justification and calling on Muslims to be vigilant within the mosque.

Nonetheless, the question remains: Will Muslims sit back concluding this is sufficient to prove to the rest of the world they are not for terrorism, or will they continue with efforts to put a stop to this violence that came from our communities? We don’t need to educate the rest of the world on Islam, we need to educate ourselves. It’s not about what the rest of the world thinks, it’s about putting a stop to the hate speech and extremist recruitment process happening in our midst.

Catholics did not stand up to the Church to prove to the rest of the world they were not pro-pedophilia, they did so to enact and demand change within the Church! What will we do next?

(don't worry, this is not what I consider to be a "loss for words")


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