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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Message .... Lost

"The Message" filmaker, Moustapha Akkad, Killed by MUSLIM terrorists at a wedding in Amman.

I remember this movie well. I recall watching an illegal copy as a kid, as most Muslims had a pirated VHS copy in their homes until it was officially released in 1998. None of us had seen it in the theater because, as my understanding always was, Muslims, including terrorists, did all they could to prevent its release. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this is what I was always told -- by other muslims – and my parents certainly weren’t going to take us to the theater. So there you go – nice story of Islam’s beginning destined to not be told thanks to extremist Muslims.
" But a group of American Muslims declared "The Message" to be sacrilege and took hostages at three locations when the film opened in Washington, demanding that it not be shown in the United States.”

Another link:

This site however tells a different story, one I certainly never heard, but it must be true as it blames the jews….this makes sense as we all know they are ultimately behind all that’s bad for muslims. Case and point: last year’s tsunami, pakistan’s earthquake!


At 4:24 PM, Anonymous advc said...

check out

it seems to me you need to broaden your research scope. There are many eye-opening and well-researched books out there. You are discussing or pointing to Thomas Friedman. Well, you seem to be genuinely interested in these topics you bring up, so why don't you look at sites such as

You seem to be lost in this 'what's wrong with Islam nowadays that's causing these people to behave so violently' discussion without giving second thoughts to any socioeconomic or geopolitical (i.e. american) causes.

by the way, i dont care for the religion , and what I'm trying to say is that please don't get stuck in this system imposed on you by corporate , pro-establishmen media (such as the NYT, or even reuters, whatever.) The system is framing things as a clash of civilizations or religions, and that's all bull.

Look around, the internet is vast and there's valualbe information out there).


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